Qualmet began as a solution to a business problem that our Founder, Mark Smolik, addressed as General Counsel with a Fortune 500 company. Mark saw the need for a business mindset in the Corporate Legal field to align in-house counsel with the corporate goals and objectives. As part of this initiative, he began implementing performance reviews of not only his internal team but outside counsel as well.

The Qualmet Legal Performance Management system was built from the ground up to automate the entire collection of performance reviews and provide data-driven reports that score the results into meaningful data allowing quick comparisons of teams or vendors. The system is fully configurable for both in-house counsel to measure its vendor relationship as well as outside counsel to measure client satisfaction. Tracking performance with the Qualmet system provides qualitative results – allowing for proactive actions to be taken before a relationship is in jeopardy.

Version 1 .0 of our solution was able to see early adoption of several Fortune 500 companies. Qualmet was recognized early as a practical tool for legal convergence and ideal for maintaining fruitful conversations between the GC and outside counsel to further improve relationships to manage costs and expectations. Our customers have even found the platform is useful internally to manage performance within different departments of an organization.

Qualmet is now launching Version 2.0 of its legal performance evaluation platform with plans to expand the platform into a full 360 client and vendor management solution enabling full performance reviews to be completed by both parties in the relationship. Relationships can now be monitored year round to ensure both sides are getting the most from each other and building upon a strong understanding that performance, satisfaction, and value matter.




Mark A. Smolik


Mark Smolik serves as the Chief Legal and Compliance Officer DHL Supply Chain Americas, where he leads the legal,compliance and commercial contracts management teams. He is among the most sought after experts on the changing dynamics of the legal industry and how internal and external counsel might best partner to drive meaningful and sustainable value to the organizations they serve.

Dan Jansen


Dan Jansen is the CEO of Nextlaw Labs and Nextlaw Ventures. He has a rare combination of entrepreneurial and professional services experience. As a serial entrepreneur Dan has helped to conceive, fund, grow / or sell disruptive businesses in many diverse sectors, including legal, social media, financial services, and online recruiting.